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Placing a bulk order requires a non-refundable deposit. Be sure to read the following before adding the deposit item of your choice to your shopping cart.

How does it work?

Place a deposit on your pork now. When it is ready, we deliver it to our hand-select processor for you. You can work directly with the processor or we can assist you to select how your pork will be processed. The final cost of your pork is based on the hanging weight determined by the processor, so you are only paying for what you are getting!

How much does it cost?

Whole - $7.50/lbs hanging weight

Half - $8.25/lbs hanging weight

The cost for slaughter, cut/wrap, sausage, smoking, or curing are not included in the price per pound above. This processing fee is paid to the 3rd party processor and the estimated total processing fee is $200.00 to $350.00 per each whole hog depending on your choice of cut, smoke, cure, or other various factors.

How much pork will I get?

Our pigs average 120 - 180 lbs hanging “green” weight for one whole hog. This hanging weight includes bones, but does not include any organs or the head. Smoked products, such as ham and bacon, will “shrink” slightly during processing. You can expect to take home approximately 60%-80% of the hanging weight as your final yield.

Whole Hog Deposit

Excluding Sales Tax
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