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Kathadin Sheep

Katahdin Sheep: Welcome

Why Kathadin?

I used to think all sheep breeds are created equal. And oh boy, was I wrong. 

It's true that when you think of sheep or lamb, our brain has programed us since when we were young to think of fluffy wool sheep. But hair sheep are still fluffy and, while some may disagree, just as appealing to the eye. 

While the fluffy wool sheep are nice, we have discovered our love for the Kathadin sheep. Originated from the Caribbean area (although developed in Maine), it doesn't come as a surprise that this fantastic breed of sheep can handle our hot and humid Kentucky weather way better than its wool cousin. 

Our sheep think they are dog. They roam our entire 15 acres but share their sleeping quarter with our Jersey cows. They love to be pet on, and they pay visit to all other animals on the farm - be it the dogs, pigs, or cows while they are out grazing on the pasture. They also hang out quite often around our fowl, and whole-heartedly believe that our back porch is a good place for sun bathing. 

Unlike wool sheep, there are no shearing required. Some hair sheep breed do grow some wool, but we have so far found zero need for shearing any of our animals. Because wool isn't our goal, our lamb are raised primarily for joy and for meat. 

Unlike pigs or cows which require a lot more work from birth until harvest, including a lot more pasture room and a lot more feed, these hair sheep are quite low-maintenance and are great for homesteaders wishing to add a little something more than chickens and and rabbits for meat, but not yet ready or simply have no room for bigger animals. 

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