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A boy met a girl.

They got married.

They had dogs and decided it wasn't enough chaos, so they had babies.

Then they decided ... they needed more chaos, so they started farming.

Born and raised in the Appalachian, Alex knew Kentucky is the only place he wants to raise his family. After spending nearly a decade with the US Navy in Washington State, we found our way home again in Northern Kentucky in January 2018 where we first established our family homestead. After a few years of trail and error while finding our way as first generation farmers, Three Daughters Farm was made official not too long after the birth of our third little girl. 


Our entire family works hard to make sure our animals are raised with love and respect. Our farm follows a biodynamic pasture management because our animals and our land matter. It is our absolute priority to treat our animals humanely. We care deeply about the animals we raise and their well-being from the moment they were born and have implemented practices that embody our beliefs. All Three Daughters Farm's pasture pork and lamb products are raised to these standards, so you can feel good about enjoying every delicious bite.


At Three Daughters Farm we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love and for the opportunity to share what we have come to be passionate about - raising happy, healthy animals. 

Thank you for stoping by and supporting our family farm.

WIth Love,

Alex, Paige, Addie, Allie, Aedan and Bran

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