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Our Animals

We don't just raise animals, we raise happiness. And it results in the tastiest pasture-raised meat.


Our commitment to animal welfare runs deep, and we believe that treating our animals with respect and care is the only way to produce the highest-quality, ethically-raised meat and eggs. Click below to learn more about our standards in raising happy, healthy animals on pasture.

Interested in purchasing a livestock or a puppy from us?

Ethical and compassionate breeders are hard to find, but we've got you covered.

Scroll down to the bottom for some genuine customer experiences from all over the country!

What We Raise.

Sabrina S.

Williamstown, KY

"I love this farm! She was very informative & also supportive. She told me that even if I decided to purchase pigs from somewhere else that I could still reach out to her with questions or information. After the pigs were in my care she reached out to make sure everything was ok. You can tell they truly love what they do & take good care of their livestock. These are great people to buy from & get to know. I hope to do business with this family again in the future."

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