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Cutting Soap

Handcrafted. Like it should be.


Ingredients you can pronouce.

Every soap bars and all-natural lip balms made the way they should be - simple and sustainable using only natural ingredients you can pronounce.

Natural Serum

100% transparent.

We do our best to source as many ingredients as locally as possible and will always be truthful about our sources.

Image by Laurie Byrne

Simple and sustainable.

Made with ingredients from our 100% pasture raised animals that are typically tossed away. Through our bath and body care products, we continue in our commitment to always be respectful to our animals and our land.

Easy on the skin

Lard isn't just for cooking up a storm in the kitchen. It can reduce wrinkles, fight inflammation, and minimize acne. Lard is very similar to our skin, both at the cellular as well as its pH level, making it very gentle on the skin and readily absorbed, locking in moisture.

High in ...well, everything.

We don't just use *any* lard all Willy Nilly. Because pasture raised animals graze in the sun every day, they soak up Vitamin D from the sunlight that gets stored in their fat. This along with rich nutrients from consuming high quality pasture result in lard that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. 


Instead of creating more waste, we are using a part of our animals that would otherwise be toss away and repurposing it for wellness and beauty products. You're not only doing your skin a favor, you're helping the earth.

Lard for your body. Yes, really.

You want more sources?

We've got you.

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