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Our inspirations.

We leave nothing behind.

The first time I took our first pigs to the processor, I cried. When Cotton Candy, my first cow, left us to go live in North Carolina, I also cried. I guess you can say I'm not one to shy away from emotion.

Do I like pork and beef and fresh milk? Absolutely. But I also love my animals. Every one of them, even those without names, destined to be processed.

For months, we have pork fat sitting in our freezer with little to no interest. We thought about tossing it out to clear our freezer room for other products, but the thought that my animals died just to be toss out in the trash never sat right with me.

Then we have the excess raw milk, because a cow isn't like spigot where you can turn her udder on and off whenever you want. So you milk them everyday, and if you have too much milk it would also be tossed.


Alex and I began our journey in search for way to honor our animals in a unique way. After months of research, we decided on making soap because it allows us to utilize not one but two of our pasture raised products. Then after more research, we decided that we want to make soap differently - simple and natural, like the way things used to be. I guess that's why we call it "Primitive Soap".

Will we always have all of our bath and body care products available? Most likely no. If we don't have lard or milk, then we won't have materials for soap. It's as simple as that. Lard and raw milk are our two primary ingredients in almost all of our products and we are committed to utilizing only what we have produced here on the farm, 100% raised on pasture. Because, just like our delicious pasture raised meat, we think the way animals are raised reflects heavily on the final, value-added products, whatever that end product may be.

Truth be told, it won't upset me one bit if I don't sell a single bar of soap or a single tube of our lip balm. We will just use it ourselves (but luckily not because we have to, since we actually LOVE our products!) We really just wanted to find ways to honor our animals in giving up their lives for us. Our bath and body care products are just one of our many ways in our journey to #farmdifferent - and our journey has only just begun.

~ Paige

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