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Total weight: 21.37lb | Processor: Fair Custom Meat

  • Whole ham (fresh aka not cured/smoked)
  • 5 Packs of Bone-In Chops (each package contains 2 chops)
  • 1 Pack (Approximately 2 lb) of ground pork (unseasoned)


See exactly what you'll be getting and know exactly how much you'll be paying. Buying ethically raised meat in bulk has never been easier and more affordable!


Forget about managing cut sheets and processors or having an entire freezer room to hold an entire hog for your family—we've got you covered. Our bundles offer significant savings compared to our USDA cuts. We've already handled the processing for you, and they're fully prepared for your convenience.


  • No more waiting for available processing dates.
  • No need to navigate through cut sheets.
  • No more guessing about the quantity of meat you'll receive.
  • No more waiting for the processor's unpredictable turnaround time.

Bulk Pork Package A

Excluding Sales Tax
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